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 updated 12 Oct 2018



YACCO 2014



The Pack at play

Xppo, Lolita, Ellie, and Prada


Izaro/Xara Liter




Izaro/Xara Females Stock coat and Longcoat




Izaro/Xara Male




                                               Yacco/Tanya Female Luna                                                            Yacco/Tanya Male



            Izaro/Xara female Dena vd Symmes                                      Izaro/Xara male Digger vd Symmes                     



Yacco/Tanya female Annie(Brandi) 2011


Tunch Cert SAR (Yacco/Bella son) 2011



Yacco/Tanya son 8 months 2011




                                 VP  Primo vom Barenburg  2010                                                              Zoey Haus Lucht  2011




Human Remains Detection with Tunch and his Best Friend


                                                       Yacco and Lydia                                                      Boudica 7/10                               



Xara and the Girls Ring Training May 10




                                       Wena and Xara Feb10                                                                 Yacco and Xara May 10



OG Indy Dec 2009



                       Bruno (Tunch) von der Symmes  (Cadaver Dog)                                  Brutus and Bianka von der Symmes


                                           VP Boudica von Isengard

                                                                           SG1 Boudica Von Isengard



                  Rick 's new girl from Koos Hassing                                                                 Apollo ready for some work



     Braum, Myself, Ferdi and Wayne NASS 2008                                                 Christmas 2008



                                  2008 WUSV                                                                   My good friend Dietmar at NASS 2008



               Yacco September 2008                                                  Yacco with Bert Aerts (FCI 2008 Helper). Thanks Bert!



     Getting my Helper Certification June 2008                                               Wena on a walk at home



                Yacco and son "Simba"                                                                                     Simba



                       Come on Dad! Fuss means Fuss!                                                        Yacco  March 2008




                            Yacco at his Breed Survey                                                                Breed Survey Day June 2007




                                                        VP1 9-12 Month Sieger. USA Sieger Show Danbury Conn. 2006